Life Lesson in Humility

To start off, I want to say that I’m grateful for those of you who have been sharing your opinions and thoughts.

So, as much as I am trying to be sympathetic to the responses that people are making to my post on “Fat Teens Can’t Hunt” I think that it’s gotten to a point where I need to address and clarify where I’m coming from so people stop thinking I’m some stupid tart having a good laugh at the expense of overweight people.

I’ve definitely fallen to pressure before, I think we all have at some point in our lives, and you know what – it sucks to be made to feel different (albeit, probably for some stupid reason), but I think that if you’re able to accept yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin, then why should you care what other people see you for?

First off, I’m not trying to criticize anyone for wanting to go on the show, I’m just saying that in a holistic approach, the show just sounds like a shitty way to make fun of overweight people. Second, if you’re going to make an argument that you’re going on the show to ‘experience’ a different culture, I somehow can’t help but think that this is not the way to go about doing that.  Worst part about the show is millions of people will watch as you starve to the point where anything looks good enough to eat…

Why would you even put yourself through that? So you can lose a couple pounds? What will you really walk away with? Are you going to feel proud that you’ve actually proven the title wrong and that you indeed CAN hunt? It absolutely astounds me what is considered entertainment anymore, and even more so the people who are willing to put it all out there, and for what? Vanity? Fame? Revenge?… have you no humility?

I’m not asking that you to agree with me, but I’m asking that you do understand where I’m coming from.



  1. axewielderx Said:

    Quote”if you’re able to accept yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin, then why should you care what other people see you for?

    I could not agree more!


  2. dan4craig Said:

    not being funny but r u fat?? if ur not den shut ur gob! if u understand how it is 2 b fat der fair enough. im goin on da show nd no wer are not goin 2 starv dnt b stupid we will have rice nd vegatables nd we can walk 2 fourige for our food. so piss off and mind ur own bloody bussiness

  3. Ames Said:

    Dan4craig – First of all, no I’m not fat because i care enough about my body to watch what i put in it, and second why was it so hard for you to eat healthy foods before? I do understand that being overweight for some people is in part due to genetics, but if in fact you are not one of those cases, i think that you brought it upon yourself to be criticized… if you had been conscious of the things you were putting into your body you wouldn’t need a show to motivate you to lose weight. Do me a favor? The next time that you’re eating your rice and vegetables, why don’t you try to form a more coherent argument. And while you’re doing that, maybe you can also think about how unfair it is to the people who have to pay taxes for the treatment of your obesity-related illnesses, and why your life expectancy is a hell of a lot shorter than it used to be.
    Oh, and one last thing, your writing is just about the most obnoxious looking shit I’ve read in awhile, it’s reminiscent of a 5 year old girl’s. N E wayzzzzz dats aLL i hav 2 say!!!

  4. dan4craig Said:

    so wat if i rite like dis its caled txt language. u no y i hardly ate good food was bcuz i had 2 much choice. u mite like eating green leafy food al day but i dont. and jus cuz i ate 2much. its none of ur business u aint in da show so y shuld u care wat r u our new PM now?? ur soo fukin extra!! u dnt need 2 no bout us and da tv show so go bk 2 da toilets nd carry on being sik!!

  5. dan4craig Said:

    oh and by da way my mum works for the food dats in our house. she can buy what she likes. she aint on no benefits like sum people. wat r u any way sum sort of poloticioner. get a life nd leve us fat teens gone skinny alone!!!

  6. Seidl Said:

    OK dan4craig, I rarely say this, but you are an idiot. Your writing indicates that you clearly have no concept of formal expression (or spelling) and therefore you lack the education and cultivation to even think on a plane of acceptable competence. There is an argument for colloquial language, and certainly “text language” has hit the postmodern scene hard, but colloquial language has a proper context, and that context in this case is usually when a writer wants to depict an idiot like you.

  7. gazzat5 Said:
    ^ That was hard to find having come across this post first.

    The show is for the kids.
    If you’ve ever been to a Jungle or lived with people of a different culture, you’ll know how it can inspire you. (I have done the jungle bit at least.)
    I think it’s very important that the show gives the teenagers a chance to prove themselves to the nation in general – not necessarily to prove fat kids aren’t lazy but more for their well being and self confidence.
    It’s showing them a different way of living that may help them deal with their obesity and underlying problems without the stress of whatever else is going on in their lives.

    While the shows concept is amusing, in my opinion the show is more about teaching the kids valuable lessons, giving them great experiences and helping them feel more confident!
    Also, from watching how it affects them, we will get a good feeling from seeing them progress and grow.

    It’s not about starving yourself, it’s about having respect for your bodies, and understanding where the food comes from.

    I am glad they changed the name, but still proving something like that wrong can be very uplifting!
    Not only will you walk away lighter in weight, but also lighter in spirit, stronger in confidence and will power.

    ps interesting to see some of the people supposedly going on the show commenting on your last post, i wonder if they really were on the show i watched?

  8. sedruol Said:

    I agree. I think that show is almost just making sure to all the overweight teenagers who watch that good appearance, or just plain being fit, gets you everywhere and everything.
    hmm, how helpful to self-esteem…
    I have never watched it nor will I, but for the people who are taking part in it: Don’t get offended if some of us think the show is efficient purpose.. I understand that being overwight, one tries to loose the greater amount of weight in the less possible time and it’s always hard, and when a help comes around, you take it; however, if it is really your intentiong to try to prove something and to challenge yourself, then you really don’t need to go the aid of a tv show, doing it on your own will make it more valueable to you and everyone around :]

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