VH1’s 20 Skinniest Celebs

 Marcia Cross

“As an actress, they pay me not to eat…” – Marcia Cross, ‘Desperate Housewives’

VH1 recently came out with a list of celebrities who in recent years made headlines not by how talented they are but rather by the massive amounts of weight they dropped in a short period of time. Celebs are often scrutinized and under speculation by the media for having eating disorders or drug problems – but considering the pressure of being in an extremely image-conscious public, being skinny is more than just a trend for most celebrities, it has become an obsession.

VH1’s 20 Skinniest Celebs:

20.) Keira Knightley

19.) Ellen Pompeo

18.) Kate Bosworth

17.) Hilary Duff

16.) Lindsay Lohan

15.) Teri Hatcher

14.) Ashlee Simpson

13.) Kate Moss

12.) Mischa Barton

11.) Janet Jackson

10.) Anna Kournikova

9.) Sienna Miller

8.) Heather Miller

7.) Thandie Newton

6.) Carson Daly

5.) Daniel Day-Lewis

4.) Orlando Bloom

3.) Victoria Beckham

2.) Mary-Kate Olsen

1.) Nicole Richie



  1. withlovebyli Said:

    Ironically enough, many of them have had an eating disorder (or still do).

  2. Ames Said:

    But I think that it also has to do with the fact that many celebrities are under constant surveillance; like clockwork, if any discrepancies arise in their image the media goes crazy over it.

    So as ironic as it sounds for me to say that many celebs on the list are under speculation, it seems to me even more ironic to think about where they might have gotten the idea to have an eating disorder in the first place…

  3. withlovebyli Said:

    Oh of course, the pressure to look good all the time can make some people go to extremes and the risk of their health. It’s very saddening.

    I’m not certain that one can “pick up” the idea of an eating disorder. I think it just happens. However, living in the public eye I believe makes celebrities far more vulnerable & crack under the pressure.

  4. Ames Said:

    I disagree, i don’t think an eating disorder can “just happen”. In fact, i don’t think that anything “just happens” – everything is affected by something else..

    If young women are reading about their favorite celebrities having eating disorders they’re not going to think ‘oh she’s risking her health to be thin’. Rather, they’ll think ‘look how skinny he/she is, i want to look just like that’.

    Humans are competitive by nature, and we learn/emulate the actions of others in order to become more successful ourselves. And if you really want something bad enough you’d go to extremes to get it.

  5. withlovebyli Said:

    Hi again. 🙂

    I just realized how bad that sounded, the “just happens” and I apologize, I really didn’t mean to imply that one day you wake up and suddenly it’s there. I’m finding this hard to explain…hmm…it’s a combination of many things and in my opinion magazines and hollywood are at the bottom of the trigger list.

    I know that the reasons I became eating disordered were not because of celebrities.Then again, it’s different for everyone. Do you have or have had an eating disorder?

    By the way, on a completely different topic, I love the layout of your blog and the colours are pretty.

  6. Ames Said:

    I can’t say that i haven’t thought about it, but i do have those days when i look in the mirror and just hate everything about myself. And yeah, i sometimes wish that i still looked the same way that i did in high school but i think on some level i’ve learned to accept that i dont need to appease anyone with how i look, and if i’m happy with myself then that’s all that matters. I know that would be kind of taboo for me to say that i dont care what others think, when in fact i dont think i’ll ever stop caring. It’s so vicious how you get sucked into thinking what’s ‘popular’ or ‘in’, and as much as i wish that that wasn’t the case, unfortunately i know that it’s not going to change.

    I’m sorry that you have an eating disorder, and i hope that you’ll be able to overcome it.

    PS~ I’m glad that you like my blog!

  7. withlovebyli Said:

    Oh no worries, darling, I’m recovered, for nine months now. 🙂

    I think it took recovering from an ED to finally learn not to give a damn about anyone’s opinion but my own. I’m stuck in this body and I’ll make the best of it. I kind of have this “most people are stupid and mean and they suck” attitude so that really helps keep me grrr argh I don’t care what you think against them! lol Then again, I’ve always been unconventional…the girl with the minority opinion, the one that doesn’t wear what’s in style but only what she likes. It’s very freeing. You should give it a go, sometime. Start small, yah?

  8. elis555 Said:

    i personally think that with celebrities, it just gets to the point where everyone criticizes you for every gram you gain and you can’t bear it anymore. that’s when you start starving yourself, even when you know it’s wrong. that’s how it works for me, anyway. even though i know it’s wrong, the people in the modeling company i work for just keep nagging, until i tell myself that i can sacrifice the food just to make them let me be. it’s so discouraging. and i look back on it and think i’m an idiot for letting them get to me, but then, if i didn’t i’d probably lose the job. it’s tough.

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