When is Enough, Enough?

This season on Measuring Beauty I touched upon the topics of beauty in the media world and the shapings of body image. The pursuits of skinnyness and perfection will continue to rise, with no signs of giving up. So now I leave you with something to ponder – are you willing to give up your happiness to be thin and beautiful, or is being thin and beautiful what makes you happy? What does it matter (or what does it mean) to you what anyone else thinks? Seeing the effects that media and advertising have on young women makes me cringe when thinking about what these girls will do to themselves in a few years to be accepted as beautiful. I am sick of the media telling me how to act and how to dress.. I don’t need to appease anyone, and I certainly don’t need to appease the media, I’m happy with who I am and anyone who is willing to convince me otherwise: Well.. you can take a hint right?

Heidi Klum B&W


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  1. doostet Said:

    speak it girl 🙂

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