Thinspirations: Dying to Be Thin

HBO documentary

I remember watching a documentary over Thanksgiving break on HBO called THIN. The documentary was previewed on People Magazine’s Website and followed the lives of anorexic and bulimic girls in their recovery to becoming healthy. The pressures to staying thin are ever increasing and with pro-ana and pro-mia websites, it’s hard to not think about what lengths these girls go to to look like their favorite models/celebrities. Thinspiration is often a word thrown around in the world of eating disorders, and the celebrities that are role models are often victims of eating disorders themselves. People magazine devoted a cover story to the subject – claiming that “Drastic thinness has become the beauty ideal – and it’s having an alarming effect on girls everywhere”. It seems that the pressure put on celebrities carries the notion that whoever is thinner gets the job.

Nicole RichieWhen Nicole Richie started losing weight, tabloid magazines praised her new look, but as fast they are to praise, they are to criticize. Within a few weeks, tabloids started printing articles about Nicole Richie looking unhealthy and being too thin. The comedy that reporting on body size has is that is somewhere in between too fat and too skinny is where the ‘perfect’ body is – a supposedly ‘acceptable’ size. But the problem with this lies in the fact that not everyone is shaped in the same way. Being different in this case does not carry a negative meaning, it does not mean that you are ‘less’ than anyone else, because if we were all the same then imagine what a boring place the world would be.



  1. mparham Said:

    Did you see this website? It’s geared, I think, towards parents of tweens, but I thought that you might find this interesting.

  2. withlovebyli Said:

    The “Thin” documentary was very truthful and insightful and most of all, heartbreaking.

  3. It’s weird that this goes on in the the fattest country in the world. We are a society of extremes.

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