Old Navy Discriminates Against Fat People

Old Navy Jeans Ad

In 2004 the clothing company Old Navy began offering the ‘Women’s Plus’ line of clothing (up to size 26) in its stores.  Out of the blue last week, Old Navy decided to remove the plus-sized clothing from its shelves and to only make them available online.  Old Navy stores will only carry sizes up to 20 and according to the San Jose Mercury News, Robin Carr, spokeswoman to GAP said that “We really wanted to showcase the plus collection and felt that the best place to do that effectively was online.”  It seems that just when the public was beginning to accept plus sized fashion, a comment or action like this just happens to set us back.  Plus sized woman are everywhere and shouldn’t be excluded from shopping in stores, and while there is a certain appeal and convenience to shopping online, let’s face it, there’s nothing like going into a store to try on clothes.  This experience shouldn’t be limited to smaller women and whether or not the company plays this off as a market ploy we all know that the real reason is perhaps something more…



  1. Glowien11 Said:

    It does stink, yes, but you can’t expect the company to continue the line if keeping the line in stores isn’t profiting them. Plus, the line wasn’t even featured in that many stores anyway – it was only in “select”. It’s not THAT much of a step-back, though it IS better to be able to try on the clothes in person.

  2. Seidl Said:

    They do what makes money. That’s not discrimination.

  3. Ames Said:

    They make money by discriminating.. i think it qualifies

  4. Seidl Said:

    Yeah right. If it doesn’t sell, then they can’t stock it. Capitalism isn’t charity, not even for really fat people. That isn’t discrimination because it is purely profit-based; no one is “distinguished” by Old Navy’s decision to take the fat line out. There are other stores where fat people can go if they want the in-store experience. Besides, Old Navy typifies everything wrong and bourgeois about suburban culture, so is it really surprising when fat Old Navy fans find themselves subtle victims of capitalism? Anyway, I think up to size 20 is very generous (that’s huge), and anyone over that can buy the clothes online if they really can’t bear the thought of giving up Old Navy. People over size 20 should lose weight anyway.


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