Advertising for ‘Real’ Beauty

Allergan Ad

What do you think this ad is trying to sell you? Would it help if I gave you the caption that went ran with it?

“And she looks smarter too..” – That’s what it read. Think you have an idea? The ad is for Allergan, a company specializing in plastic surgery… this ad in particular is advertising breast implants. I mean, that’s just unnecessary.

How about this one?:

Special K Stretchposter

At first glance the poster’s kind of cute.. it’s attached to the backs of weight machines and with each leg lift the woman on the poster gets thinner. It’s a very clever use of advertising and can definitely be a motivator to lots of people. But I don’t know if it’s actually successful in motivating people (notice the poster is advertising to women) or just making them feel worse about themselves so that they’ll work harder.


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