Starving Yourself – the British Way

Fat Teens Can’t Hunt

A new reality TV series titled ‘Fat Teens Can’t Hunt’ is set to air in the UK sometime in the near future. The premise of the show? It’s exactly what it sounds like: fat teenagers are forced to survive in ‘middle-of-nowhere’ Australia with Aboriginal communities and hunt for their own food. I laughed out loud thinking that it was some kind of joke that somone thought up in response to how much weight people lose on ‘Survivor’. It sounds absolutely ridiculous (and it should), but the show is real!

Based on an existing popular reality series ‘Fat Men Can’t Hunt’ already airing in the UK, the show’s producer Endemol says that it is aimed at “helping overweight children tackle overeating”. Yeah, sure… by starving them! It’s true that Britain has the highest number of overweight and obese teenagers in Europe and maybe they think that by creating shows like this one they are ‘dealing’ with their obesity problem. Personally, I think that the only thing Britain needs to deal with right now is their serious psychological problems. Teenagers already have a hard time dealing with the pressures of society, they don’t need to be blamed and humiliated on public television for them to feel ashamed for being overweight – trust me, they already do. If the British media is starting to make overweight people – let alone overweight teenagers – pariahs of society by sending them to Australia (the same place they used to send convicts) then they’re just reinforcing the fact that skinny is the only way to be accepted which then creates further problems in the minds of those that do not fit this norm. Think about it this way… it’s like being indirectly violated by being told what to think without actually being told.

The British media clearly doesn’t understand that the obesity problem is not going to go away just like that; inevitably, these teenagers will likely go back to their old habits once the show’s over. And then what will they have learned, how to develop an eating disorder? Get the picture?

Afterword: Endemol is also planning on putting in it’s weightloss line-up ‘Help! My dog’s as fat as me!’ What will they think of next?



  1. fatti Said:

    hi, i just wanted to say that i am one of the people going on the televsion show ‘fat teens cant hunt’ and to be honest i understand what ur saying but its just not going on and starving yourself its gaining an understanding of what we used to eat to what we do now. im not ashamed of being big i wanted to go on to prove the point that being big doesnt nessasarily means ur unhappy. i want to go on to prove that its okay being big as long as ur happy. and i can honestly say that many of the other contributors are going on for the same reason so dont make a judgement until youve seen it. cassie x

  2. Ames Said:

    Can’t you gain an understanding without having to go on the show? You do realize that you’ll be starving yourself and eating practically nothing – i.e. bugs, berries, and if you’re lucky or extremely savvy in your hunting skills, a small rodent once in a while. Besides, if you were truly happy with yourself, you wouldn’t have applied to be on the show in the first place..

  3. roarhugh Said:

    I am also going on the show, although i am going on mainly for the experience of living with the natives of wherever it is i am going. I understand and actually agree that the show does not face the real issues behind obesity in the UK. I am not truly happy with myself to be honest but did not apply to the show to face my issues as i realise these shows are mainly about entertaining those who may have bullied me for my size in the past! A rather ironic situation to be in but i believe the experience will be one i never forget, although it may not change a great deal in others lives. I am not ashamed of what i am like, i don’t enjoy being my size and this is why i want to lose weight. I don’t want to change for others, or to conform, i want to enjoy the experience and i truly don’t care what others think whilst watching the program, everyone is different and i accept people, inlcluding myself, for who they are!
    Roar x

  4. dan4craig Said:

    cassie nd rory u 2 r so rite! i am also a nother person going on the show. u 2 talk so much sense nd i love u 2 bits. danielle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. gazzat5 Said:

    I have watched the first half of the ?first? show and will be watching in future! It’s called “Can fat teens hunt?” now.

    I think Britain needs to deal with our culture and our parenting through which problems start and propagate.
    I don’t believe the show is about humiliation at all. At least it wasn’t meant as such. It’s about giving them a chance to prove themselves!
    I think it would help if schools introduced decent, compulsory feed yourself well lessons, with after hours lessons for parents.

  6. Seidl Said:

    Maybe kids should just get out and exercise. I think that perhaps social dilemmas like crime and obesity thrive because society encourages an attitude that doesn’t acknowledge culpability. If you’re fat, it’s directly because of what you put into your body and what you do with your spare time. Even given that, however, I can’t understand the spirit of carnival spectatorship that is apparently the allure of the show. Some of the kids going on the show may think it isn’t humiliating, but I think Ames is right in recognizing the entertainment aspect of the show, which is, after all, the reason for television in the first place. Fat kids struggling to cope with exotic and difficult surroundings is apparently entertainment and probably amounts to hilarity and a chance to ridicule fat kids from the comfort of the sofa. The way the image of these kids will be displayed will, I imagine, be quite humiliating. I’m sure there will be plenty of tender moments for sops and sympathy, though, and people who get sucked into either form of garbage have problems of their own.

  7. uniquewannabe Said:

    To anybody who took part on can fat teens hunt , i would be facinated if you could tell me how and where you find out about taking part on the program or anything simmilar as a very overweight teen girl i am highly intrested?

    i found it facinating and just think it would be an amazing opportunity
    the culture,the life experience and having to grow up . please get back
    – Emma

    Email adress- myspace –

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