Real Women Have Curves!

Beyonce SI

I was at the gym flipping through a tabloid magazine when I came upon an article that used the most desired body parts of celebrities to create a ‘super’ celeb. This may seem like any normal article that a tabloid would run but what really stuck out for me was that readers voted the best/most-desired body in Hollywood to Beyonce Knowles (above, in SI’s Swimsuit issue). So then I came home and did some research and it turns out that women would rather be curvacious like Scarlett Johansson and Beyonce (what a revelation!) than waif-like and gaunt.

So what then is our obsession with skinny all about? I’m honestly confused as to why women go to such extreme measures to be thin, when in their minds they consider being curvy as sexy and beautiful. Can we really blame the media for putting pressures on the female body to be ever thinner? Or is the fight within ourselves – struggling to appear the way the media wants us to appear yet suppressing our inner desire to be ourselves. Magazines like Seventeen and Cosmopolitan have ads that show you how you should dress and what you should look like and so on and so forth, and then they have articles that say things like ‘Hey! Respect your body and other people for what they choose to be like’… well, which is it?

Some other most sought after celeb body parts in plastic surgery according to Dr. Rey from E!’s “Dr. 90210”:

Lips: Angelina Jolie
Nose: Nicole Kidman
Breasts: Carmen Electra, Salma Hayek
Eyes: Scarlett Johansson
Butt: J-Lo
Abs: Janet Jackson


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