That’s Haute!

The Corpse Look

The fashion industry plays a HUGE part in shaping the way young women and girls feel about themselves. Last November when 21-year-old Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston (show below) died of causes linked to anorexia it became clear that the fashion world was to blame for promoting such an image. Many insisted that the fashion indiustry change its guidelines on how models should look, and the result? It’s not as astounding as you may think. The fashion capitals of the world (London, Milan, NY.. etc) came up with a plan alright… instead of completely banning models that were too thin they strongly ‘urged’ and ‘recommended’ that designers use ‘healthier’ looking models to do their shows. It’s common knowledge that ‘thin is in’ when it comes to fashion, but what many don’t realize is that only 2% of all women are genetically lucky enough to look like models. The rest of us? We fall into the category of ‘normal’ (a word that seems almost too taboo to use anymore).

There’s a Lacanian moment when the young girl sees herself getting bigger and then sees images of super-skinny models and the disparity between how she sees herself and how she feels she needs to look becomes bigger than it actually is. Young women and girls everywhere aspire to look like their role models, but in a world where gaunt is in, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get any easier for them to realize that being beautiful does not always mean you have to be skinny.

Ana Carolina Reston


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