Seeing is Believing

The above video is truly a brilliant example in exposing the unattainable images that women so often see in the media today (i.e. TV, magazines, tabloids.. etc). The pressures that women deal with to be beautiful and thin is truly a new phenomenon. If you look at statues and paintings from history (I’m talking WAY back when – to the Greeks) goddesses and women were often portrayed as being full-bodied and curvaceous. So, when did all of this change? When did the notion develop that being skinny, yet shapely (quite an ironic concept, unless everything was fake) meant that you were beautiful? We get so caught up thinking about what we SHOULD look like that in the end when we actually look, all we see is an image of hatred. So, watch this video from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, you may be surprised by it, you may not; if nothing else, think just a little.


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